SUPPORT HOLDER IN PLEXIGLASS (for stainless steel supports)
The new support holder in plexiglass to find the right support straightaway and easily.
The new universal adhesive is indicated for all the materials used in the impression tray.
For a correct use, spread a thin layer of liquid over the surface of the impression tray and wait for 2 minutes before positioning the impression material.

Dental Tray System, brings all the advantages of disposable devices and places your attention on the patient, Made in Non-toxic plastic, thanks to its rigid support in stainless steel Dental Tray System avoids the risk of torsion guaranteeing the highest precision of the impression. Dental tray System offers a complete range, also for taking an impression for implants.

The remarkable rigidity of the support in stainless steel eliminates the risk of torsion and guarantees a high level of precision of reading whatever the impression material used.

Each Dental Tray System impression tray is sealed in a hygienic bag which you can open in front of your patients.
The choice of this device, in comparison to the grey and ruined traditional impression tray, denotes particular attention and care for your patients.

The Dental Tray System and supports are yellow, blue and orange so as to allow an easy and rapid choice of the right impression tray and are available in three sizes for the upper arch and three sizes for the lower arch.
Each size is a different colour and is correctly matched with the coloured sticker on the corresponding steel support.

More precise and functional than a normal impression tray, Dental tray System puts an end to all those problems and costs linked to the maintenance of the spoons which return from the laboratory and avoids all the cleaning and sterilising operations with a remarkable saving of time and money.

The anatomical form of Dental Tray System consents to save about 20/25% of material used for each imprint and this, together with the more economic management of the maintenance procedure, fully justifies the choice of this new device.

Dental Tray System is also for implants, the implant support can be easily recognised by the central area, which is open so as to consent the passage of the tramsfert and to avoid the waiting times and the costs of a personalised impression tray.

Easy modellabile with the heat of a flame, Dental Tray System can quickly be adapted to the morphologic conformation of the patient

With this innovative implant support, Dental Tray System offers a safe and precise instrument to the professional for taking an impression for implants, which envelops all the advantages of a personal impression tray.